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M440 ECO - World's First Biodegradable Computer Mouse from Fujitsu


The famous Japanese computer hardware and IT service company, Fujitsu, has recently presented the world's first biodegradable computer mouse.

The firm's optical mouse, dubbed, M440 ECO, has a PVC-free USB cable and is composed of Arboform and Biograde, materials used in the company's keyboard that was launched earlier.

The optical mouse does not have any special exterior features that would help differentiate it from other computer mice. However, instead of using the traditional plastic, engineers made use of Arboform, a material that is based on a by-product of lignin (a paper-making process) and Biograde.

According to Fujitsu, the mouse's outer shell boasts more elasticity than other biodegradable materials. By taking advantage of its features, the user receives more ergonomic comport, reports Gizmag.

The company also mentioned that if users switch to its new eco-friendly mouse, it would be possible to save "approximately 60,000 kilograms of plastic per year."

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//1 Jan 31, 2011 02:51 PM | posted by: alcotrazz [InfoMANIAC]
I bet it's gonna cost a fortune! today it's economically not profitable, buying eco-green-things - they're expensive. that's why the cheapest things are from China and are made of ordinary, artifical materials.

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