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Massive Airship Hangar Turned Into Year-Round Tropical Paradise


Previously this huge hangar was used to house large airships but recently it received a second life. The hangar is being used as the world's biggest tropical resort that features the world's biggest indoor pool and water park.

The massive hangar can be found in the countryside between Dresden and Berlin. It has been modified in order to provide more sunlight and maintain the heat.

The first owner of the building was a German company that wanted to create a transport dirigible, but when nothing worked out a Malaysian firm bought the building and transformed it into a tropical resort were people can enjoy a standard temperature of 79 degrees Fahrenheit all year round.

The building's roof is 70,000 square meters and the indoor pool has the area of 4 Olympic sized pools. The south side of the structure was equipped with a transparent film that replaced the steel skin. Thus move daylight will illuminate the hangar, reports Gizmodo.

Inside visitors will be able to find a small tropical forest composed of 50,000 trees and a 9 story tall water slide.

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