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Mega Electric Power Plant to be Built in Japan


Toshiba Corp. will build a new electric power system for Okinawa Electric Power Company, based in Okinawa Prefecture, Japan. The new generation power system features special storage batteries to collect electricity produced by solar panels and other alternative energy sources, informs Techon.

Japanese engineers look forward to carry out a number of tests of the power station in Miyakojima, Okinawa, starting this autumn. To perform the trials, engineers will add two photovoltaic systems (3MW, 1MW) and two storage batteries (4MW, 200kW) to existing buildings that feature 2 thermal power plants (21,500kW, 40,000kW), a gas turbine plant (15,000kW) and 5 plants that makes use of wind power (900kW x 4, 600kW x 1).

By making use of the photovoltaic panels, the huge power plant is expected to generate about 3MW of electricity. Toshiba will use its 'SCiB' 4MW sodium-sulfur batteries along with 200kW lithium-ion batteries. Both types of batteries have a quicker charge-discharge cycle. The photovoltaic system will include polysilicon solar cells developed by Sharp Corp.

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