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Microsoft Founder to Invest in Cloud-Making Machines


The debates regarding geoengineering have been up for quite some time among environmentalists. It is worth mentioning that geoengineering implies the use of technology to change the climate, and one of the persons who back this idea is Bill Gates.

The founder of the software giant Microsoft recently stated that he looks forward to invest $300,000 in special devices that will be able to absorb seawater and spray it into the air, thus creating white clouds that serve as "mirrors" reflecting the rays of sunlight, thus keeping them away from Earth and help avoid temperature rise.

Silver Lining, a research group with headquarters in San Francisco agreed to create the machines that will transform seawater into small particles which can be shot 3,000 feet up in the air. The artificial clouds get denser due to the increase of the number of nuclei featured inside. Each second, the machines will be able to suck up 10 tons of seawater, reports TimesOnline.

The group hopes to carry out the first trials of the machines using 10 ships that will spread over of territory covering 3,800 square miles. Even if the experiment goes well, the technology will still require a lot of improvement to be able to significantly change climate. According to some calculations, to stop the increase of temperature on our planet, about 1,900 ships would be required, with the cost of such project exceeding $7 billion.

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