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Miyi Tower Project to Filter Dying River in China


The winning project for a planned landmark building in China's Miyi County, located in Sichuan Provice, will perform two important functions: besides being the main attraction in Miyi, the new tower will also serve as a filter for the polluted river.

The design was developed by a team of specialists from Los Angeles-based design Studio SHIFT and Los Angeles' SWA Group. The project is entitled New South Town. So far the designers managed to come up with several interesting ideas about linking the pedestrian circulation.

The tower will also serve as a bridge that will connect the northern part of the New South Town with the southern part. The northern section will represent a cultural core of the region while the southern will clear the contaminated river turning it into a new wetland ecosystem.

There are no details from the designers about the way the tower is going to actually clear the water. However, they mentioned that they look forward to use natural and mechanical technology of filtration, which transforms the contaminated water into a rather usable amenity for locals and visitors. The filtration system will be able to produce a series of lakes, wetlands and waterways.

Due to the fact that the region represents a popular tourist destination, designers want the tower to represent a mix of educational, entertainment and community spaces, providing breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape.

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