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Mobile Wind Turbine Generates Renewable Energy Wherever You Are


So far engineers managed to create wind turbines that stand on land or water. However, recently a team of designers presented their new project called "Mobile Wind Turbine". Their device can be easily carried, setup and put into full work by one person.

It is worth mentioning that this portable wind turbine features a carrier that it powered by electricity produced from wind energy. Each wheel is powered by an electric traction motor. If the batteries are out of energy or the engine needs more power, the diesel generator turns on automatically, thus allowing the vehicle to work continuously.

The hydraulics located on the main boom is used to raise two piece wind turbine tower. The thermoplastic tower sections make the structure very strong and lightweight. Designers claim that the mobile wind turbine can generate energy for different applications such as vertical drilling, powering schools, small businesses and office parks.

[via Pope-Design]

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