Friday, 28 May, 2010 Environment

New Air Conditioning System Uses Ice to Lower Power Consumption


A new air conditioning system will be installed in government offices and commercial properties. The system makes use of ice that is generated during nights from a surplus of wind power.

It is worth mentioning that the new system will be able to save a lot of fuel consumed during hot summer days, in fact state utilities will reduce it by 30 percent and building owners by 90 percent.

The ice-based air-conditioning system was created by Ice Energy, a company based in Windsor, Colorado. The system generates cheap ice throughout the night when less electrical power is required. It uses a high-efficiency compressor that can freeze 450 gallons of water.

When the heat hits its peak, the system turns off the air conditioner and starts piping a stream of cool air from the block of ice to an evaporator coil mounted inside the HVAC blower system of the construction, reports CleanTechnica.

In about 6 hours the accumulated ice melts completely - just when it is not so hot and normal air conditioning can be used at lower power.

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