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New chocolate can save the planet


Imagine a sweet creamy chocolate bar melting in your mouth? And now think of the huge amount of plastic, tinfoil and other by-products thrown away.

For a chocoholic, the choice between his favorite dark chocolate and environment can be too difficult to make. But what gives even more concern to the consumers is the fact that many chocolate companies use excessive amount of vegetable fat and sugar, substituting natural milk by factory farmed milk.

Now almost everyone knows the health benefits of cacao: it contains more than 300 chemicals among which are antioxidants, proteins, calcium, and many other vitamins. And now those who know what pure chocolate tastes like have an opportunity not only to enjoy a new product but to do it with the awareness they are environment-friendly.

A latest trend in chocolate industry is the production of raw chocolate that is claimed to be not less tasty but far more nutritional for people.

UK brought in raw chocolate production three years ago and some raw communities now quickly gather pace at the market. This year more companies in Britain will sell raw chocolate, beginning with the Easter eggs and bunnies made of this naked chocolate.

Taking into account that raw chocolate production requires less energy than usual chocolate, even darker species, this gives a lot of hopes on it's popularity. Raw chocolate makers intend to use minimum packaging, and labels made of recycled paper.

Companies that work for production of raw chocolate are cooperating with South American companies. One of the forefront raw communities is called Shazzie and it deals with EcoAndino farmers, who take part in Fair Trade Federation. Organic Farmers & Growers Association also support raw chocolate companies in their beginnings.

Now chocolate business may take a radically new turn and probably warm up our souls, not earth!

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