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New-Gen Parking Lot Uses Cars' Windscreens to Generate Electricity


Designboom together with Nissan recently announced the final results of their competition entitled "Think Outside the Parking Box."

Although the first prize went to a concept that was inspired from the Ferris wheel, probably the most impressive design was the one that came second, called the Solasis Light Tower, which represents a green energy parking lot that makes use of vehicles' windscreens to shine sun onto a special solar power concentrating tower.

In order to save some space in the city, designers decided to place the Solasis Light Tower on a floating platform. The vehicles on the parking lot a parked in a way so their windscreens as well as hoods face the solar receptor located at the front of the parking lot.

The designers behind this project are Klaud Wasiak and Yongbang Ho. When developing their concept the two took into consideration the construction of Nissan Qashqai that features mesh composed of photovoltaics and mirrors located on the windscreen and roof. When the car is parked the mirrors turn on and follow the sun to redirect the beams of light to the tower.

Those who decide to park their vehicle on this parking lot can then use an underground metro line to get to the city core. The designers thought about creating such a parking lot mainly because they think that today a lot of parking lots represent wasted and unusable spaces.

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//2 Nov 20, 2009 05:41 PM | posted by: bart [InfoMANIAC]
agree, indeed very useful project, could be really useful in an urban area.
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//1 Nov 18, 2009 04:50 PM | posted by: Stew [InfoMANIAC]
nice concept, though little chance it would be brought to life - at least in the near future

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