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New London Bridge Features Self-Sufficient Vertical Farm and Commercial Center


This amazing design of this London Bridge was recently presented by Chetwood Architects. In the middle of the Thames river the bridge include a towering vertical farm. The spires of the futuristic bridge exploit solar power and feature wind turbines. They also include a green organic farm along with a commercial center that uses renewable energy, solar heating, natural ventilation and is water efficient.

This particular design was the winner of a design competition for a new version of London Bridge, the competition being initiated by the Worshipful Company of Chartered Architects (WCCA) along with the Royal Institute for British Architects (RIBA).

Chetwood took into consideration the features of the old bridge and designed a futuristic bridge that will not only help people get to the other side of River Thames but will also serve as a place for meetings and commerce. It will sell all kinds of food including food produced by its vertical farm. It s worth mentioning that the new bridge will include two main buildings: a vertical farm and a commercial center where people will have the possibility to buy food, visit cafes and restaurants.

The bridge has a pier mounted to it, making it possible for goods to be delivered at the water level and produce to be grown using hydroponics. There are two produce markets located on either sides of the bridge: one is a wholesale market, while the other one is a public organic market.

The vertical farm on the bridge plays the role of a cooling tower, generating cool air at the bridge level and eliminating hot air through the top. The vertical axis wind turbine, located at the top of the tower, is powered by the natural ventilation. The tower will also collect rainwater that will support the hydroponic farm along with the restrooms. Greywater is going to be treated and recycled.

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