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New Self-Sufficient District Designed for Beijing


Skidmore, Owings & Merrill Foundation (SOM) has recently stated about its plans to create a new urban center in the capital of People's Republic of China, namely in the center of Dawangjing District.

The new self-sufficient urban center will use integrated heating and cooling system, developed with the goal of cutting the level of energy use and greenhouse gas emissions.

According to the designers' idea, the central park of the Beijing's urban center will make use of a geothermal heat-exchange system, which will be able to heat and cool virtually all of the structures in the district without using water or cooling towers that are really power-hungry.

The district is expected to be built 11km from the Beijing Capital International Airport. It will feature a number of public parks, different cultural attractions and skyscrapers. The central park will play the role of the sustainable engine for the district.

Probably one of the most important aspects of the new district is the transportation system. The new urban center will aim at proving enough space for 80 percent of its residents to travel by subway, biking and car.

The M15 subway will connect the district with the International Airport. A large number of streetcar lines and a huge network of bicycle lanes are expected to prevent car traffic.

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