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New System that Produces Electricity from Sunlight and Sun's Heat


A group of researchers from Wake Forest University has recently announced about the attempt to carry out the first test of a new solar energy system that gathers power from both sunlight and sun's heat.

Currently the device is the development stage, but when built, it will be able to produce a decent amount of renewable energy.

The invention is composed of clear, thin tubes spray-on PV back-sheet that turns sunlight into power. In addition, the backing is used to heat specially dyed oil flowing in the tubes. Afterwards the oil is integrated with a geo-thermal heat pump, which would generally collect heat from the ground.

The researchers say that their new system gathers power that cannot be collected by traditional rooftop solar systems, with the latter being able to gather only about 25 percent of solar power. Traditional technologies that harness solar power are very effective only at peak daylight hours, but the new system can provide energy throughout the day.

It would be interesting to note that in an urban environment the system can make use of the energy emitted by buildings and paved surfaces, reports CleanTechnica.

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