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Non-Sign II - Billboard that Says Nothing and Everything


Designed and built by Lead Pencil Studio, this structure represents a roadside anti-advertisement that at a first glance says nothing but when you think about it the structure really provides a very important message.

Dubbed "Non-Sign II" the billboard (if you can call it that way) was mounted near the U.S. and Canadian border, in a location called Blaine, Washington. The designers made it from stainless steel rods that look like a mass of hairpins. The structure has a window that offers people a nice view of the sky and the landscape.

Today the world is stuffed with various advertisements that may distract people from what they're doing and the place where they're going. With this in mind specialists from Lead Pencil Studio decided to make a billboard that would do the opposite - remind people about the beauty surrounding them, focusing their attention on the amazing colors of nature.

It would be interesting to note that the structure was commissioned by the federal government.

[via Freshome]

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