Monday, 26 Apr, 2010 Environment

O3 - The Oxygen Producing Device for Tough Environmental Conditions


The team of designers from DesignAffairs STUDIO decided to come up with a personal survival oxygen unit. They called it O3 and its main goal is to increase the awareness of the possible natural disaster among people.

The O3 will be an irreplaceable device in case mankind comes to the situation when the production of artificial oxygen will be the only solution to survive in a polluted environment.

It is worth mentioning that this oxygen producing device features a compressed oxygen refill unit that can be exchanged via local oxygen supplier. The O3 also includes an individual mouthpiece.

There is a flexible and easy-to-wash membrane within the refill unit. The user can easily adjust the membrane according to his/her lips. The user can control the oxygen flow by simply turning the refill unit.

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