Tuesday, 16 Feb, 2010 Environment

Old Observation Wheel Visualized as Huge Windmill Running on Solar Sails


In 2009 the famous Southern Star Observation Wheel in Melbourne was closed because of a number of breakdowns caused by the summer heat. However, three people decided to do something to bring the wheel back to life.

Buro North teamed up with photographer Peter Bennetts and Fooch from Squint Opera to turn the wheel into a windmill that would produce green power, being equipped with solar sails.

The trio designed a futuristic windmill with several well-landscaped hubs for new flying steam-powered trams. The base of the wheel also includes a big and beautiful garden.

It is yet unknown whether the idea will be brought to life, but the project seems very inspiring, focusing on energy efficiency and bringing up the idea of how to re-furbish old structures.

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