Friday, 19 Mar, 2010 Environment

One of the World's Largest Solar Thermal Plants to Be Built in Australia


COBRA Energy, Spanish company that specializes in energy and water distribution networks, telecommunications, railways, and energy projects, has recently announced its $1 billion plan to build one of the largest solar-powered plants in the world.

The 250MW plant will be constructed in Australia and when the project is finished, the facility will be able to generate energy using both photovoltaic panels and solar thermal technology. The latter allows producing energy from boiled water.

The company is also going to use molten salts to make solar thermal technology more efficient, improving its possibilities of storing energy during the day. At night salts carry on producing energy for more than 7 hours, informs The Australian.

Currently COBRA is analyzing different sites in Australia. In addition, it is yet to receive approval from the Australian government and, if everything goes well, the new plant will be able to offer more than 50 percent of the country's goal to achieve 400MW of solar energy.

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