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Outdoor Movie Theatre Made of Discarded Fridges Opens Up in London


Going to an outdoor movie in London on a summer evening sounds very attractive, but if the whole cinema was made entirely of recycled fridges then the trip will definitely be hard to forget.

Facing the London 2012 Olympic site, the Films of Fridges represents an outdoor movie theatre that was constructed from discarded refrigerators. Visitors of this pop-up cinema are able to watch various indie movies.

It would be interesting to note that this project was inspired by (and built of) East London's famous "Fridge Mountain" - the largest, 20ft-high mountain of discarded fridges in Europe.

The cinema made entirely of recycled fridges became reality thanks to $7,000 offered by Kickstarter, Sims Recycling Solutions, Picture House Hackney, and the those who organized the event.

Almost everything was made from fridges, including doors and a bar, and of course the screen made of fridges components.

[via Inhabitat]

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