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L.A. Plans to Recycle Waste Water for Drinking


pure water Officials in Los Angeles announced that they prepare to implement a water-conservation plan. This will include the limitations on watering lawns and washing cars as well as recycling sewage water.

Previous proposal of recycling waste water and refilling drinking supplies to control water usage due to water sources shortage was criticized and delayed.

This time city officials are determined to introduce advanced recycling technology to bring up to 4.9 gallons of treated sewage water to drinking standards by year 2019.

The initiative could cost around $2 billion and will affect many aspects of daily life of the residents. People will be encouraged to switch to low water-consuming washing machines and urged to water lawns and wash vehicles at certain time and in certain amounts.

It is also expected to introduce new technology for water conservation in homes and businesses. This includes waterless urinals, weather-sensitive sprinkler systems and porous parking lot paving to filter water into groundwater supplies.

Officials said that restrictions made after 1990s drought would be introduced again, but this time with even more limitations due to impending water shortage and 15 percent increase in demand by 2030.

Other cities are going to follow this initiative too and cut water usage and restrict waste. Up to $1 billion would be invested to recycle wastewater and refill underground water supplies. In 1990s when this system was introduced, it was criticized as "toilet-to-tap" method. Now, experts said that new technology will make a difference and residents should face this fact. The water plan is to be improved and vetted by the City Council to specify the costs and how the program would be financed.

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