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Plastikoleum Tower Uses Solar Power to Turn Waste Plastic into Raw Petroleum


The idea to create a tower that could turn plastic waste into oil belongs to Japanese inventor Akinori Ito. His company Blest Corporation is known for manufacturing and selling devices that process waste plastic and turn it back into raw petroleum.

The latest device is called Plastikoleum Tower and it is able to transform 1 kilogram of plastic waste into 1 liter of oil. The latter can be then refined into gasoline, kerosene or diesel.

It would be interesting to note that similar inventions have one major drawback - they require a lot of energy. In order to run for 1 hour such devices need 1KWh of electricity.

The Plastikoleum tower was developed to solve this problem. It converts plastic waste into oil by harnessing solar energy. The invention boasts a capacity of around 10MW, which allows the tower to generate around 60 barrels of oil per hour.

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