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Pop Culture - Multicolored Canopy Composed of 1,500 Recycled Bottles


Garth Britzman is a talented designer who decided to create a beautiful canopy using 1,500 recycled soda bottles.

Dubbed Pop Culture, the Nebraska-based work features plastic bottles that hang from cord of various lengths. Each bottled has been filled with water. The latter was colored differently for every bottle.

Just like most of artworks make of recycled materials, this one was made with the goal of making people aware that it is necessary to recycle the goods we use everyday.

Together with a team from the University of Nebraska students, Britzman spent 200 hours on the project that was funded by Fulbright Canada and the University College of Architecture.

The canopy not only looks very nice with different bright colors catching attention, but is also practical.

[via Garth Britzman]

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