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Saudi Biome Could Become the World's Biggest Biosphere


Phil Pauley is the designer of the Saudi Biome. His project aims at bringing rainforest to the desert of Saudi Arabia.

The huge city will include a hotel, residential units and retail space. In addition, it will make use of water management and heat regulation systems.

It would be interesting to note that the Saudi Biome will house hundreds of different species of trees and plants, water features, an aquarium and several types of renewable energy technologies.

There will also be a hotel and apartments. On its very top the designer decided to place a central viewing area and restaurant.

In case the plans for the project are approved, the Saudi Biome will become the biggest biosphere on the planet, informs Inhabitat.

Besides being a green city in a desert, the Saudi Biome is expected to spur on sustainable energy, cultural tourism and educational opportunities for the whole region.

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