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Second Smallest Country on Earth is Disappearing


Deputy Prime Minister of a tiny South Pacific island of Tuvalu calls to the rest of the world to take urgent action as his nation is at danger of disappearing due to global warming. Experts claim that island can sink in less than 50 years.

The country,measuring a mere 26 km2 and its 10,500 people could be the first to sink due to the current rising sea level. Tuvalu island is a part of atolls and reefs that are no more than two meters above sea level and the rise in sea level is at twice the average global rate. In the past 10 years the sea level rise was more than 10 centimeters and this rise will continue due to climate changes, according to data provided by South Pacific Sea Level and Climate Monitoring Project. The study predicts island going underwater in less than 50 years and probably even sooner if unexpected storm occurs.

The Government of Tuvalu calls to other countries to take urgent action on global warming as lives of native island people could be soon destroyed by climate changes.

The tiny country is located about 1,000 km north of Fiji and is quite isolated. Tuvalu does not have any resources to sell to the world. The main industries are fishing and tourism. Human waste and trash used to turn into gas has become a major problem for Tuvalu. It will take several decades to accommodate new technology into local environment. However, soon Tuvalu may be called the first nation of environmental refugees.

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