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Artist Creates Giant Self-Portrait Made of Recycled Plastic Bottle Caps


Mary Ellen Croteau is an artist from Chicago who created an amazing self-portrait from plastic bottle caps of different colors.

Previously the artist had been stacking plastic pill bottles and bottle caps to make long, stringy towers and sculptures of different colors. These works were inspired by the modernist works of Constantin Brancusi.

At some point she noticed that small caps can fit is larger ones and being of different colors together created new color combinations when observed from afar. She then decided to try something new that she never has done before. She thought that it would be possible to make a photo-realistic picture using just shapes and colors.

By drawing inspiration from the pixelated large-scale portraits created by Chuck Close, Croteau started combining different bottle caps like a puzzle to form huge self-portrait. The work turned out to be so beautiful and realistic that it took recycled eco art to a new level. Her 8 x 7 foot self-portrait is made of hundreds of bottle caps.

According to Croteau she is a political artist and her works are meant to get people to think about various things from a different perspective. With bottle caps she wanted to make people aware of how seldom these are recycled.

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