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Self-sufficient Zoo With a Waterfall for Buenos Aires


Buenos Aires could be enriched with a new wonder called Costanera Sur, which is a design project of a vertical zoo. The project aims at turning the ruins, left from the construction of old highways in the city, into an area with a towering construction that would replicate a waterfall.

The design was developed by architects at Visiondivision that decided to create an entirely self-sufficient construction that could provide water and energy to nearby buildings. To be able to produce a waterfall the Costanera Sur has a central pipe mechanism that collects water from a river that flows next to the building. The system filters the water and then pumps it through the construction. The waterfall starts functioning after the water overflows the rooftop pool.

The waterfall runs over the structure's facade and at the basement level of Costanera Sur the energy generated from the waterfall is transformed into electricity by the turbines and a central generator.

The architects decided to make a building in which animals would walk freely and which would include food storage, veterinary facility, observation decks and a cafe. Different floors are arranged for particular representatives of the animal world. The rooftop will be the home of the dolphins. The project still has to be analyzed in detail, taking into consideration certain issues that might occur.

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//1 Nov 26, 2009 10:12 PM | posted by: mrexcellent [InfoMANIAC]
the concept looks pretty nice. but, just as anything good these days, it ain't gonna happen because of burocracy and other wonderful "democraic things"...

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