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Shipping Containers Used to Rebuild a Fully Functional School in Chile


Another interesting and useful project involving shipping containers was found in Chile. Despite the fact that the use of containers as shelters for victims of disasters has been questioned, they still proved to be useful when Chile suffered a tsunami attack in 2010.

In just four weeks after the disaster, a group of students used shipping containers to rebuild a local school in a fishing town hit by tsunami.

Tubul, a 3,000-inhabitants town situated about 500km (300 miles) south-west from Santiago, was one of the areas that suffered the most from the earthquake and tsunami.

To help people, representatives of the architecture department of the Finis Terrae University, together with 56 students designed and installed a school and provided all the necessary equipment for it.

The project was entitled Viento Fuerte (Strong Wind) and involved the use of 22 shipping containers (20 on the ground level and 2 on the second) offered by a company. The containers were united by one of their large sides to form several classrooms and different spaces.

Between containers there are various open areas. A part of the old school that survived the disaster was connected to the new building composed of shipping containers. The new school was built to be a permanent and fully functional structure and not a temporary one, reports Treehugger.

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