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Ski Resort from Arizona to Use Snow Made of Wastewater


The owners of a ski resort found in Flagstaff, Arizona, announced about their plan to create artificial snow by making use of 180 million gallons of sewage overflow.

It is worth mentioning that the Snowbowl Ski Resort is located in the San Francisco Peaks at an altitude of 12,000 feet and its owners have looked for solutions that could solve the problem with snowfall fluctuations that take place rather often in the state.

The latest solution involves the use of reclaimed water collected from Flagstaff's water treatment facilities. Owners plan to create a pipeline that will pump water 15 miles uphill to a specially developed reservoir in which the water is going to stay until it is required.

All-through the off-ski season, huge fans will freeze the wastewater until it turns into droplets and snow. The Environmental Protection Agency says that as long as wastewater is treated, it is not hazardous for humans.

At the same time the local community, called Native Americans, along with other environmentalists are against the use of wastewater. This is because a US Geological Survey discovered that even treated wastewater may feature a huge collection of organic chemicals, pharmaceuticals, industrial pollutants, carcinogens and more.

Nevertheless the ski resort owners have already initiated their plan and when finished, the resort will be the world's first to use 100 percent wastewater, reports MotherJones.

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