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Slovenian Architect Studio to Develop Self-Sustaining Islands in Maldives


The government of the Maldives Islands recently granted a 25 year lease to an architect studio called OFIS, based in Slovenia, to create a set of 4 islands into the country's tropical eco resorts.

The studio proposes developing a 100-bed five star resort that will spread across all four islands with different accommodation styles, ranging from bungalow to villa. The whole project will be carried out in accordance with the law of the Maldives.

It is worth mentioning that the design of the facilities was selected together with local environmental experts, taking into consideration the position of reef, sea erosion, wind, existing vegetation and highs. In addition, the urbanistic law of the Maldives has one interesting stipulation that states that no building should be higher than the tallest tree on the island.

There were 14 islands offered for the project. The Slovenian studio selected four of them and the construction materials that the designers plan to use include bamboo, straw and wood. All of these materials will be manufactured on the mainland as much as possible.

Here is the list of the four islands:

1. Funamadua

This is going to be a relaxing place where one could spend time in their verandas with view to the island or to the sea.

2. Hadahaa

According to the plan the island features continuous loops that represent the key elements of the whole design. Villas surround the island, offering every person a private terrace.

3. Konotta

The island's key element is a sandwich-wall made of wood and straw that forms a tree in shape of letter Y.

4. Randheli

This place will have an elliptical shape featuring large external verandas, main internal space and different services. Among the accommodations one will be able to find pool on verandah, outdoor shower as well as internal space featuring bed, wardrobes and bathroom.

Read more about the project here .

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