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Solar City Tower Designed for Rio de Janeiro 2016 Olympic Games


The Swiss architecture studio RAFAA Architecture & Design, based in Zurich, designed a self-sustaining tower which could become part of the 2016 Olympic Games that will take place in Rio de Janeiro.

The project of the Swiss team of designers is entitled Solar City Tower and it might turn out to be a great step towards the expansion of green movement in the city.

The project includes a plant that harnesses solar energy to generate electricity for the city and Olympic village. The excess of power generated during the day is used to pump seawater into the tower. As soon as the sun sets, the water is released and additional energy is produced using specially designed turbines.

At night, the solar energy is used for the structures lighting system. It may also be used to generate electricity for the city. The tower can also play the role of an urban waterfall.

Inside the structure there's space for gatherings and special events. In addition, people will have the possibility to visit cafeterias, located beneath the artificial waterfall and even go shopping. At its top, guests will be able to admire the wonderful 360-degree view of Rio de Janeiro from a balcony situated at a height of 105 meters. More images are available here.

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38 votes

//4 Jan 25, 2011 10:58 AM | posted by: Gen017 [InfoWILD]
does it affect the environment?
42 votes

//3 Jun 07, 2010 05:11 PM | posted by: saint-clair [InfoTOT]
Dear Thegman, the project will have no efficacy. As they say in Brazil, it will rain in the wet. In addition to adversely affect the beautiful landscape of the city
32 votes

//2 Jun 07, 2010 05:00 PM | posted by: Saint-Clair M. de Mello
The architectural design is ugly and will only harm the beautiful landscape of Rio de Janeiro. I am against it.
38 votes

//1 Apr 09, 2010 10:54 AM | posted by: thegman [InfoWILD]
Doesn't the waterfall waste water? It's an impressive design, but I'm just wondering about the total effectiveness.

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