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Solarve - World's First Solar-Powered Bus from Sanyo


The popular Japanese company Sanyo, which specializes in the production of batteries for electric vehicles, recently presented the world's first public bus with built-in solar cells.

The bus was named Solarve (Solar Vehicle) and it was built to mark the 100th anniversary of Ryobi, a transportation and logistics company based in Japan.

Solarve represents a city bus that has solar cell mounted on the roof. The cells generate electricity that is used for the interior LED lights.

According to Sanyo, the solar panels installed on top of the diesel-electric hybrid bus generate a total of 798 watts. It is worth mentioning that 420W are produced via crystalline silicon cells, while the rest is generated through amorphous silicon cells.

There are also storage batteries onboard. These batteries can power the bus for up to 9 hours when there's no sunlight. The solar-powered bus is expected to be launched on September 1. It will drive on the streets of Okayama City in Southern Japan.

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