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Strawberry Tree - Booth that Uses Solar Energy to Charge Gadgets


The Strawberry Tree is a project developed by a team of Serbian students-entrepreneurs that call themselves Strawberry Energy.

Their latest concept represents a booth that harnesses solar energy to power different portable gadgets, such as smartphones and MP3 players.

The solar panels mounted on the booth are positioned in at a certain angle that allows them to make use of more solar power.

The pillar is surrounded by built-in benches where people can sit and chat, waiting for their devices to refill.

It is worth mentioning that in the near future Strawberry Energy plans to equip its concept with Wi-Fi features and develop more convenient booths that would be able to harness more people.

It would be interesting to note that the Strawberry Tree was nominated for European Commission's prestigious Sustainable Energy Europe Award 2011, reports WildRooster.

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