Wednesday, 10 Feb, 2010 Environment

Sydney's Ugliest Building to Become an Eco-friendly Tower


The ugliest structure in Sydney could soon turn into one of the most remarkable sights in the city if designers from the architecture company Laboratory for Visionary Architecture (LAVA) turn their idea into reality.

The designers thought about changing the "skin" of the building, covering it with lightweight composite mesh textile and using high-performance photovoltaic skin, which would transform the 1960s University of Technology Sydney Tower into a modern self-sufficient building. Currently the tower represents the headquarters of the University.

The new skin will be able to gather and store rainwater, produce electricity and cool the tower using the new ventilation system. The skin could also serve as a media surface that would offer information on various events in real time, informs Architecture and Design.

It is more likely that the "reskinned" tower will not look as nice as the one you see in the pictures, but it will still enrich the overall view of the city.

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