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Concept of the day: T-box - Device that Harnesses Wind from Passing Trains to Produce Electricity


Qian Jiang from China and Alessandro Leonetti Luparini from Italy are the two industrial designers that decided to take advantage of the wind produced by the speeding trains.

They managed to design a device called T-box that harnesses the wind from passing trains to generate power. The device is mounted between the sleepers on a track - it can be installed along railways or subway lines.

According to the designers on one kilometer of track (0.62 miles) it would be possible to mount about 150 T-boxes and when the train will pass over them, the turbine inside each device will produce electricity.

It is worth mentioning that much of the device would be below ground level. If installed on a busy route, these T-boxes will be able to produce a decent amount of energy.

However, there will be certain problems linked with keeping each device clean and safe. This is because of the dust and debris that are deposited when the train speeds along.

Nevertheless, the invention really has a huge potential and it would be interesting to note that the T-box design was the Lite-On winning project in 2010. It was also presented in Xuexue Institute in Taipei last summer. More images are available here.

Wind power generator on railway and subway.

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