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Taipei 101 - the Tallest Eco-friendly Building in the World


Taipei 101 was expected to be the tallest building in the world until it was surpassed by Burj Dubai. But the Taiwanese engineers decided not to give up and turn the skyscraper into the tallest environmentally-friendly building in the world.

The new upgrades will save a lot of money and significantly cut the impact of the construction. Engineers hope that Taipei 101 will be officially named "World's Tallest Green Building." The energy-efficiency upgrades cost $1.8 million, but the annual income of the building is expected to reach $20 million in savings.

The major upgrades will be made over the following 18 months. To be able to complete the programmed upgrades, the owners of the skyscraper decide to team up with SL+A International Asia Inc., an Interior Design Consultancy company, Siemens and EcoTech International Inc.

Upgrades will be made in energy systems for heating, cooling as well as ventilation. The landscape will also have eco-friendly features. The food served in restaurants is going to be prepared to avoid waste. The current eco-systems of Taipei 101 include low-e glass, waste recycling and gray water system. More information is available here.

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