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Tata Tower - Eco-Friendly Vertical Parking for 4,050 Electric Vehicles


One of the main problems in Mumbai, India, is parking. In order to solve the problem, Seth Ellsworth and Jayoung Kim decided to design a beautiful residential community that would also play the role of vertical parking for EVs.

The structure is envisioned for 2030. By this time parked vehicle will cover about a quarter of the city area.

Dubbed the "Tata Tower", the vertical parking system will be able to house 4,050 vehicles.

Inside there will also be 930 residences for employees of Tata. It is worth mentioning that today Tata is the largest car manufacturer in India.

The new building will include various eco-friendly features to provide a healthy living. The Tata Tower will boast photovoltaic louvers, wind turbines, tri-generation, and even an algae farm. The latter will be used to power the vehicles and itself, informs The Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat .

If built, the tower could not only become the landmark of Mumbai, but also a model for green parking for the world.

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