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Tents Hanging 2,000 Meters Above the Ground - Extreme Camping from Germany


If you're a fan of extreme travel then the next news is for you. Waldseilgarten represents an adventure mountain resort found in Pfronten, Bavaria, Germany. But it is not an ordinary resort - it allows guests to spend some unforgettable nights in the wilds in tents that hand off tree tops on top of a mountain, or in a hand built igloo.

While visiting the resort in summer, guests have the chance to benefit from the adventure night out, in which guests have the possibility to take a nap in their own portaledge, a suspended several meters above the ground. For those who are unaware of what portaledge is, here's a small explanation - a portaledge represents a deployable hanging tent system that is usually used by mountain climbers on multiple day climbs. The resort has all the portaledges hanged from thick branches of large trees.

Those who want a more extreme camping experience have the possibility to spend nights on an overhanging platform, located amongst giant cliff faces that stand 1000 to 2000 meters (3280 - 6562 ft) high.

For less extreme conditions the resorts offers cliff platforms that are 100 to 300 meters (328 - 984 ft) high or tree platforms hanged between two or four trees.

Among resort activities one will be able to choose hiking, tree rope courses, archery, rock climbing, as well as snow walking or skiing in winter. For more information about the resort visit Waldseilgarten's official website.

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