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The Jellyfish Theater to be Erected Using Recycled Materials


Kobberling and Kaltwasser, architects with headquarters in Berlin, Germany, began the construction of a theatre that will be made using recycled materials. It is worth mentioning that the theatre will be the first structure made of recycled pieces erected in the United Kingdom.

Called The Jellyfish Theatre, the building is going to be erected using scrap donated from different people and various unwanted items that the team gathered from a number of construction sites.

It would be interesting to note that The Red Room, a theatre company, has already commission two plays for the new theatre - one is called Oikos, by Simon Wu, and the other one Protozoa, by Kay Adshead.

It would take between six and eight weeks for The Jellyfish Theatre to be completed. During this period of time everyone is welcome to donate materials and even help with the construction, reports The Stage.

Next month the theater will be a part of London Festival of Architecture. According to the designing team, the Jellyfish Theatre will be powered by a fuel cell system.

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