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The Last Resort - Eco-Friendly Floating House


Unfortunately a lot of interesting and daring design projects remain "on paper". However, this particular idea may soon be brought to life. A team of designers decided to create a floating eco-friendly home and named their project The Last Resort.

The project won a competition organized by Internationale Bauausstellung, in Germany, and the team received funding to achieve their goal. It is worth mentioning that by the end of 2010 the specialists will start building the floating houses.

Each home measures 5 meters by 15 meters and features two levels. The lower level is for mechanical tools, sleeping bunks and hatches while the upper one is for living spaces, a kitchen, a bathroom and two bedrooms. There are six beds in each house and blinds found on the facade serve as shading devices and add some privacy too.

The roof can play the role of an additional deck with stairs leading to it. The eco-friendly home runs on two electric motors powered by solar energy, which comes from solar-panels mounted on the roof. More images are available here.

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