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The World, Dubai's Famous Manmade Archipelago of Islands is Sinking


The World, the famous artificial archipelago that depicts the seven continents, is steadily sinking into the sea, reminding of the story about Atlantis.

Advertised as the ultimate luxury retreat, where people can buy their own manmade and extremely high-priced island, the archipelago encompasses islands created using displaced sand that was brought up from the depths of the sea.

Recently, however, a property tribunal offered evidence illustrating that the islands that constitute The World began eroding and, because of the influx of sand, the waterways that part the islands are dissolving, reports The Telegraph.

So far it is known that about 70 percent of all islands have been sold and all continents are already inhabited.

Despite the affirmations of the developer, Nakheel, in which the company claims the project will eventually be finished and that there are only a few unnoticeable signs of erosion, the high costs and delayed construction may indicate that The World is at the edge of becoming a failure.

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