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Top 10 Cool Things that'll Make Your Home Eco-friendlier


Today it is possible to find numerous technologies that can make our home more environmentally-friendly. In addition to making a house greener, some technologies can also boost its value. But of course the two biggest advantages of "green" things at home are visual appeal and a considerable cut in monthly payments such as energy bill and water bill.

Solar Panels

Installing solar panels will bring you a lot of advantages. First of all solar panels will generate renewable energy that can be used to fulfill general energy needs.

In addition, a solar power can be used for water heating. The user can choose between buying already built solar panels or construct their own. Whatever the choice is, the result is obvious - a great cut in monthly expenses.

Solar panels are also the kind of green tech that will considerably increase the general market value of a house. It would also be interesting to note that modern solar panels can produce electricity not only during sunny days but also in cloudy weather.

Lamp that Doesn't Need a Socket

A great addition to your house would be the Zen light. Such lamp can be used anywhere in the house, be it the office desk, the desk where kids make their homework or near the sofa on which you enjoy reading your books.

Although it is currently in the development stage, soon it might hit the market so be ready to get one. The lamp's developers claim that their invention doesn't need external source to light itself.

This is because the Zen light depends on the so-called magnetic engine embedded in it. Here's how it works: the magnets located in the lamp generate force that keeps the lamp spinning. The spinning in its turn powers an array of LEDs - just as simple as that. For more images click here.

Chandelier Made of Recycled Soda Bottles

The guests will definitely appreciate your "green" living style after seeing some homemade eco-friendly hanging lights, like for example this chandelier made of recycled 2-liter soda bottles.

This particular hanging light was designed by Shaun Kasperbauer, who connected the bottles using small bolts and used packaging.

Such chandelier you can hand wherever you want, be it the kitchen, living room or dining room. You may also consider using other materials to make environmentally-friendly hanging lights such as wood and/or natural clay. Some examples of eco-friendly lights you can find here.

Water-Saving Faucet

Saving water is very important. Today there are many variants of water-saving faucets but we'll give you just one example so you can see how useful such faucets can be.

This model is called 1 ℓimit faucet and it allows you to save a large amount of water by simply offering less water. Here's how it works: the faucet has a glass tube attached to it.

Inside there's space for only 1 liter of water. Thus you get only 1 liter to wash you hands and if you need more water you will have to turn the faucet off and wait until it refills. It is worth mentioning that the authors of this design are Yonggu Do, Dohyung Kim and Sewon Oh. For more images click here.

Greywater Recycling System

This device was invented by engineers at Sloan Valve Company. Dubbed Sloan AQUS Greywater System, the invention was developed for bathrooms. The system is quite easy to install.

It filters water that goes in the sink after you've washed your hands and then uses that water to flush the toilet. It was estimated that such system is able to save about 5,000 gallons of potable water per year.

This is a very useful invention and soon we might witness the appearance of other, similar devices, so if you look forward to saving water you should definitely look out for such systems. Find more information on the system here.

Toilet Made of Poo Turns Waste into Power

This device is currently exclusive, but it may hit the market in the near future. It will surely make a house eco-friendlier.

It is worth mentioning that the LooWatt was initially designed to be used in development countries. The system involved doesn't require water. It turns excrements into biofuel, thus not only encouraging proper disposal, but also decreasing the chances of development of different water-born illnesses.

The author of this invention is Virginia Gardiner and you can find more about her and the LooWatt here.

Colorful Eco-friendly Sound-Absorbing Wall Tiles

These tiles can be used for interior decoration. Not only do they look nice and are made of such eco-friendly materials like wood fibers, cement and water, they are also sound absorbing.

They were officially presented at the Stockholm Design Week by Form Us With Love.

The hexagonal modular tiles are available in various colors. This means you can choose the color that suits the interiors of your home; plus they are quite easy to assemble.

Watch the video below to see the assembling process.

Water-saving Washing Machine

Developed by a British company called Xeros, this washing machine makes use of an innovative method that does not require a lot of water.

In fact it uses 90 percent less water than conventional washing machines. The invention makes use of nylon beads to clean your clothes.

The beads effectively eliminate stains and capture them into the molecular structure of the nylon. Before recycling you can use the beads for up to a hundred of wash cycles.

It is worth mentioning that the authors of this invention are the researchers from the University of Leeds. You can find more information at The Inspired Economist

Air Conditioning System that Consumes Less Energy

Developed by Ice Energy, a firm based in Windsor, Colorado, this new type of air conditioning system will be mostly used in commercial properties and government offices.

However, it is possible that the system will be available for commercial use and installing such a system at your home will allow you to save a lot of energy. This is because the system uses ice produced at night from surplus of wind power. Its high-efficiency compressor is able to freeze 450 gallons of water.

At point when the temperature hits the highest point, the air conditioner begins piping a stream of cool air from obtained block of ice to an evaporator coil. The block of ice melts in about 6 hours.

Thus, at the end of the day, there will be no need to turn a traditional air cooling system to full power and a lot of power will saved. For more information on the device visit Ice Energy's official website

Monitor Power Consumption at Home

Today there are different devices that can help you control power consumption and thus save you money.

For example you can install the EMonitor system developed by Powerhouse Dynamics. The device does not monitor only one circuit - it actually can control each and every electric circuit at your home, thus providing a more accurate picture of how power is used.

The eMonitor offers targeted recommendations that will help you cut power consumption. With this system you will know when a certain device is out of order or is left unused. For more information visit Envirogadget.com

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