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Tribesmen from Amazon Rainforest Get Internet Access to Inform of Illegal Deforestation


The native Amazonian tribesmen, living deep in the rainforest, isolated from the rest of the world, will get access to the Internet and telephone.

The idea was proposed by the System of Protection of the Amazon (SIPAM) . It is worth mentioning that the system will include VSAT satellite dish and will allow a more detailed monitoring of the illegal deforestation in the region.

Although the tribes were previously aware of the deforestation on their protected land, they were unable to instantly inform the authorities and thus tackle the problem. Now they will be able to use different Internet sources such as Twitter and Facebook to inform about the illegal actions in the rainforest.

According to SIPAM, the two main tribes inhabiting the region, the Kawahara and Piripkura of central Brazil, said they were pleased with the new service. The current project also involves the installation of a large solar panel that would generate electricity to power homes located in remote villages.

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