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UK to Turn Chagos Archipelago Into Biggest Marine Reserve on the Planet


United Kingdom decided to use its Chagos Archipelago to preserve a number marine species. The archipelago is expected to be turned into the world's biggest marine reserve.

Located in the Indian Ocean and encompassing 55 islands, the Chagos Archipelago features 220 species of coral, 1,000 types of fish, 33 species of birds and several sea turtles. The marine reserve will expand over a territory of 210,000 square miles.

Fishing will be prohibited around the islands. In addition, about 60 endangered species will be preserved in the new protective area, reports MSNBC.

According to Foreign Secretary David Miliband, the transformation of the archipelago into a marine reserve will "double the global coverage of the world's oceans under protection." Besides, the region will be used for studies in all fields of oceanography, biodiversity and climate change.

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