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URBAN FIELD - Park Composed of Piezoelectric Trees that Collect Rainwater and Produce Power Energy


Anthony DiMari is the author of an interesting eco-friendly concept. He came up with the idea to design a piezoelectric field of artificial trees. The latter will be able to collect rainwater and produce power.

The concept is entitled URBAN FIELD and is the finalist in the SHIFTboston contest in which participants were asked to design a synthetic tree that encompasses all the nature's benefits but which does not need water and soil.

The project designed by DiMari gathers water from rainfall to use it for irrigation of the Rose F. Kennedy Greenway Landscape. In addition, the URBAN FIELD collects wind energy that is used to power the LED lights on the artificial trees.

It would be interesting to note that the trees in the field are not arranged randomly, their position allows them to harness more wind energy from the wind currents that come off the harbor, reports Inhabitat.

In addition, the grid can be changed or adjusted according to the wind conditions. It also serves as an interactive park space for visitors.

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