Tuesday, 16 Mar, 2010 Environment

US Firm to Build World's Largest Solar Plant in Europe


SunEdison, a solar energy company from the United State hopes to be successful on the European solar market by constructing what the firm claims to be the biggest photovoltaic solar power plant in the world.

The news agency Reuters, which cites sources close to the eco-friendly project, the US firm is currently planning a new 60MW solar power plant in Rovigo, a province located in northern Italy.

According to the sources, the construction of the photovoltaic plant is expected to be finished by the end of 2010 and its dimensions will exceed that of the 60MW solar farm built in Almedilla de Alarcon in Spain, which currently holds the number one position among the largest working solar facilities.

The new structure will feature solar panels that will automatically track sun movement and turn accordingly to generate more energy. It would be interesting to note that today SunEdison manages more than 96MW of PV solar power facilities in the United States, being one of the biggest operators of solar farms.

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