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Growth of Emissions Predicted in the U.S. for the Next Decade


According to the delayed United States Climate Action Report emissions of gases in the US will grow during the next decade just as much as they did previously.

Despite its negative side this document, developed for the United Nations, shows that the emissions of gases causing global warming grow, but with a slower pace as the economy does. This trend corresponds completely with the goal set by the president 5 years ago, that is: the carbon dioxide emissions should not grow faster than the economy.

The president's views have found supporters, who also think that the emissions will always grow in a country with a constant economic growth. One of such supporters is Mr. Myron Ebell, a member of the Competitive Enterprise Institute, a group of industries that fight for limiting emissions of gases, who stated that US has better indexes than some of the countries from the Kyoto Protocol.

Additionally Mr. Ebell gave some figures, which showed that to every 3% of economic growth in the US, corresponds a growth of greenhouse gases emission of only 1%, which is, according to Mr. Ebell, better that indexes of some European countries.

On the background of rising carbon dioxide emissions Kristine A. Hellmer, spokeswoman for environmental issues in White House, gave another speech in favor of Bush's administration. She said that the president's actions and financial involvement have brought many positive results.

On the other hand a group of experts in this area evaluated the situation with emissions in the US as unacceptable, as the continuous growing of this index is a clear evidence of the global warming risk.

The figures indicated in this year's report show that the current policy of Bush's administration could result in a further growth of greenhouse gases emissions, i.e. an 11% growth from 2002 to 2012. Previous decade showed an 11.6% growth (data provided by the Environmental Protection Agency).

It is worth mentioning that the United States Climate Action Report has also contained information on other environmental issues, such as an atmospheric buildup of harmful gases resulting in temperature and precipitation changes, which lead to endangering water supplies and ecosystems around the US.

An interesting fact about the report is that it's developers didn't hurry when the problem of global warming was actively discussed. That is why it was delayed. It was for the first time when George W. Bush spoke about the "global climate changes" in his State of the Union Message. He called this issue a "serious challenge". The environmental problem has been spoken about for the first time since the President took his seat in 2001.

When this document was awaiting its publishing, Al Gore's documentary "An Inconvenient Truth" was awarded an Oscar from the Academy.

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