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Village from Shipping Containers to Be Built in Haiti


Luck Mervil, a Haitian Canadian musician looks forward to reconstruct Haiti by placing houses made using repurposed shipping containers.

It is worth mentioning that Mervil is one of the members of an organization called Vilaj Vilaj. The organization wants to use 900 shipping containers to erect a new village that will be located west of Port-au-Prince.

The village will be able to house 5,000 people. It will be rebuilt with the help of local Haitians.

The musician decided to put his own career aside in order to raise funds for the current project, which is expected to cost around $25 million.

The Haitian village will be located near the coastal city Leogane, on a part of the land that was previously uninhabited.

The cost of a shipping container built in Canada in 10 days ranges between $8,000 and $10,000. But Mervil hopes that the costs will be lower in Haiti.

The 40 and 20-foot containers in the village will be grouped together in a grid. It will also include parks, playing fields and spaces for companies that will provide the villagers with working places, reports AM 770.

Home made using the containers will be durable, being able to resist hurricanes and earthquakes. One home will provide about 320 sq feet of living space, providing its inhabitants with running water and bathrooms.

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