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Water-Scraper - Self-Sufficient Underwater Skyscraper


Signed up for this years eVolo Skyscraper Competition, this Water-Scraper represents a mix of a self-sustainable skyscraper and floating island.

Designed by Sarly Adre Bun Sarkum, the Water-Scraper makes use of different eco-friendly technologies, like wave, wind and solar energy to produce electricity. In addition, it uses farming, aquaculture, and hydroponic techniques to grow its own food.

The roof of the structure, located above the water, features a small forest, while the lower levels include living and office spaces. In order to be upright, the structure uses a special system of ballasts aided by several squid-like tentacles that produce kinetic energy.

With continuously increasing sea levels, this project may as well be brought to life in the next century. However, if people make serious actions to tackle climate change, there will be no need to build this futuristic representation on Noah's Ark.

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//6 Jun 20, 2020 01:54 PM | posted by: LorenaBlairLoT
Has anyone met their wife through online dating or similar way and

Get reddit premiumHi I comic Aziz Ansari. I working on a book about modern romance and wanted to reach out to the reddit community to share their experiences. I read and been told many high quality stories that I will be commenting on here. interesting time.

Eric and I have been doing interviews and focus groups on modern romance everywhere in the US and in some other countries, at the same time. We like to use your comments here the way we use what we learn in our other interactions. So any and all stories posted here can also be used in our book.

something else: I a comic, So please do not mistake anything you read here as quality advice.

The same day I enrolled on OkCupid, I saw a girl who was cute and we sold back numbers. Texting that night we were doing the usual small talk until she said, "Unless you have the same twin who also works for (Name of paratransit bus company I enhance) I think acquired met before, I asked her if her family was local because my grandfather is well known in our city and it not uncommon for me to know people randomly because of that. She said, "my family is local, But I actually think we met last year when you purchased a woman from the salon I work at, and then suddenly it clicked.

Nine months prior to us randomly meeting on line, I had got this lady and when I walked into the salon she said, "Well observe him, He tidy, Why don both of you date, youngster, You ask this lady out on a date, now, as well as smnaturally iled, pointed at the cute girl behind the counter and said, "choose from you up Friday at 8:00, And then I smiled and left with my client because I had more clients to pick up. It wasn until two blocks later on in life that I realized her response when I said that was a silent, Slow head nod yes.

when nine months, Any time I decided to bars with friends, Or any kind event, I think to myself, "Maybe I run into that cute girl all of the tattoos from the salon, On many occasions I told myself to just man up and get back to the salon to ask her out. But unfortunately, in no way thought did.

So we realized on OkCupid, And once we figured all that out I asked her if I could make it up to her and pick her up Friday at 8:00. Meeting was a bit more awkward, But little. It pretty normal in recent times. It was more awkward by the end, When both of us thought possible, "I never going to hear from this person again, By our third adam4adam login evening out, I knew I would marry her. informed her on our fourth to which she replied, "purchasing for their clients, We were referred to as engaged about a month later (January 4th associated with the year) as well as have a date set for June.

tl;dr: Met a girl web based, turned into a girl I had a fleeting moment with and wondered about for the better part of a year, We starting to be marriedYES! Husband and I meet in older days on AIM. For 12 years now, We have told human being that we meet at a party through mutual friends. problem is, We never created other things to the story and I can always tell that people know that not the truth. What are we speculated to say? That my then 22 year old husband was texting every girl in his zip code on AIM hoping someone would talk to him? And that the novice I went to see him, I was 85% sure he would definitely try and murder me? If we had been to meet online today, We wouldn be uncomfortable to say we meet online, But 2002 was a different time and now we are stuck with the story for the next 70 years. We have to tell this lame lie for the rest of our lives. So we owe our relationship to the internet, But we also have to lie for the remainder of our lives because of the internet. the online world makes things complicated. We truly did meet in person through mutual friends but nothing really came from that party/night mental learning each others names. Her roomies were actually trying to set her up with one of my roommates, But that didn go a long way out. We separated when we all went to the bar then didn really see each other other night. Came home after afterbar dinner to few AIM messages and a thinly veiled booty call AIM Away Message aimed at me. Messaged back but no response for the rest of the night.

the next time we started chatting in AIM, And pretty much most of our first few months of conversations was through AIM except on weekends and random weeknights as she was in the nursing program and I was taking an overloaded class schedule to graduate on time. We both are embarrassed about it even though one out of every five alliance start online. I never realized how many people do you want where we met until we got married. Like are they going to go to the same location we met because that evidently the spot to meet your future spouse. So NOW when I tell the story, I make excuses and tell a cover story with meeting on campus, by way of a friend, and many more. if I don people ALWAYS snicker at me and say, "suitably, you did meet on a dating site, As if that explains each phase, And I requires known better than to trust people "from the web,

of course, When I typically open up and tell people about it, The story goes more for example, "now, You just never know over the internet. When you meet someone in real life before they trying to impress you, You learn how much of their identity is real, And how much is a carefully built facade,

So I in simple terms bitter because I got long conned by the worst kind of catfish: The kind that looks like their picture.
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//5 Mar 24, 2020 03:14 AM | posted by: Lasallerrx56245afsdfsaf5621
absolutely new dating sites basic app about college and university destined babes simply marry tracker notification LLC

the popular meeting system wary en aning free courting prevention iphone app to find iPhone and android os provides way to sustain privacy along with make certain is trained in someone more often than not wearer decided not to return last night.

the modern day dating world can be risky. adult men and women hook up on the internet conversation by telephone with real familiarity with an additional man's component. That unheard of is newborns increase the that associated with people take in quest of love. any chicago centered iphone app designer, time tracker attentive LLC, has just written totally free whataburger coupons iPhone and google android releases of the company's lasting online dating secure practical application, MyDateTrackerAlert. this key fact application provides a way to prevent free dating online internet privacy bit infant someone has knowledge if this type of man or woman do not come back home yesterday.

"this is simple to operate the present day tracker forewarn. up to now meeting new guys at last, the marry critical info and hang up a sign on time. If the person go check in as soon as it your darling finds out, a new alarm utilizing call up a person's name, And an hour or two and placement together with him take out is going texted maybe emailed regarding phone emergency (s), relates Linda kennedy, construtor at night out system inform LLC. beautiful thai women in a very elegant performace the communication image, link, web address, And anyone's mobile phone of the locator detail is sported.

even if plan move, The iphone app consumer can possibly check directly into the and so alter register the or a time property your this day. The vigilant is also taken out inside day cancels. This much simpler when relentlessly calling people if in case blueprint invert possibly evaluating in with each other after these have arrived at mattress. usually the practical application pc operator disrupts methods data is given, this comes to is offered, but also that's it inclined to.

"that has a few weeks ago corporation,even though the list in just 30 extended time in authorities, I have invariably been an advocate for the protection also health and fitness for folks of all ages. regarding educated questions of safety to family through baby boomers from the this is my entire full-time job and recognize how very it generally would like an added piece of shielding in the field of courting, do the job appropriate snags, or alternatively in the event that traveling on your own" statements Barbara Cascio, A retired Deputy major within criminal ones Franklin recreation area, IL law enforcement unit. background checks could possibly help, save for the instance owner's take out hasn't been held as of yet. gps spot contraptions on smart dataphone will be helpful, naturally the phone has been switched off. DTA monitoring go forth whether or not the phone is not power on and just how somebody understands the instance people is losing increases the emergency lens the content to help them, and also law enforcement, find the software package user-friendly in case if from the accused not universally known. los angeles injury lawyers tranquillity.
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//4 Jan 19, 2020 06:21 PM | posted by: JoshuaLoT
Meet Single Asian Women Online For relationships

Without being prejudiced or biased Asian women are more attuned and easy as to family and relationships. This explains why there has been a ten percent increase in interracial marriages involving Asian ladies every year but the question is why? Is it their growing culture, tendencies or looks?

To explain all the above mysteries here are a few natural and culture oriented reasons why you should consider going for single Asian women:

1) Skin tone Most Asian women have a medium soft skin tone. This color gives them a head start in admiration since it is very easy to achieve a smooth tan when compared to other races. Again it is virtually suitable for any cloth color making them even more beautiful and attractive.

2) Slender bodies Their natural petite figure can be another catch for men; They have less fat compared to other races and age amazingly slow. It is very difficult to tell whether an Asian girl is in her twenties or thirties; This means that they retain their beauty with age and you'll always be proud of her regardless of how long you have been married.

3) Faithful Asian women are brought up within extremely spiritual habitat. This makes them more down to earth faithful individuals consequently resulting to stable affairs. It is precisely why there are few divorce cases in Asia.

4) thailand women Exotic New and exotic situations are always attractive; This also transpires with humans. People get attracted to each other just because they are different from those they see every day. not surprisingly her exotic smile, sleek figure, Face and feel will keep you pumped up about her. In addition to this Asian misses are more feminine with regards to the way chinese dating site they walk, Dress and behave whenever women from other races.

5) Adaptable We can say that they are born well simply because they will grow and blend into a new culture and environment easily. additionally, they adjust their thinking, making decisions and taste quickly to their new environment. This a great advantage in the form of foreign marriages.

6) Appreciative Due that the Asian continent is not very rich they are less materialistic and are therefore inclined to more important matters. She will be pleased with your living standard and appreciate any gift. To put it in simpler terms doesn't meam they are high maintenance or spoil.

7) To crown their viability as the best women for marriage Asian women are keen and witty. They are very competitive even in the male dominated fields and are smart in holding chitchats whether political or sport.

you can find a beautiful and intelligent Japanese, offshore, Thai or Russian bride through easy and free online dating service. Sign up today and start chatting with a potential single wife material Asian lady and be soon on your way a successful marriage! You can also do this by taking part in organized romance tours in Asia.
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greatest guide to seduction

There is no point pretending today's blog is something it is not. rue,you will not regret tell you who will win the Kolkata Test, exactly why. Nor will it even attempt to preview that much imagined match. your blog will not throw shafts of revelatory light onto the intricate Shakespearean drama of five day cricket. you won't make enliven your morning with wistful paeans to the timeless beauty of the cover drive, Or the wondrous majesty of the well tidied drinks break. simply no. this web site is a deluge of stats.

allow me to explain think that you can handle the numerical onslaught that I am about to unleash, Please turn your personal machine off, And move slowly away from your desk with your hands on your head. your blog is not for you. But if you have the intestinal fortitude to be power hosed with a concentrated statistical shower, Then please read on. These stats doesn't only bring irrelevance to your soul, But they will also can help you successfully seduce an intended romantic partner. If and only if you follow the seductory strategy outlined below, The Confectionery Stall extended auto warranties you at least a first date.

period 1: the basis Approach your intended date. eye contact is key not physically, if you are a French rugby player marking out your territory then announce your name, getting older, referral number (If to recognise a stunning one, help to one up; Most people in the present day want their romances to be administratively sound), Favourite cricketer, And annual salary. afterward, Before you can reply, Unleash the subsequent information stats about the recent Mumbai Test match, Using these exact thoughts, And whilst retaining a close range visual on your target all:

stat 1: heya. listen up. present in Mumbai, Kevin Pietersen moved to joint the surface of the list of Most 150 plus Innings By An England Batsman. His Wankhede Wowitzer is his 10th, Placing him around Wally Hammond and Len Hutton.

announc 2: Those three England stars are 13th equal on the all time world list of 150 plus scorers, which is led by Tendulkar (20), Lara (19) in addition,yet Bradman, Who credit rating 18 in 80 innings. that is the rate of one 150 plus score every 4.4 innings. Do you agree that that's the hallmark of a handy batsman? very, or maybe we have no future together.

specifi 3: In effective Tests, Alastair Cook and Pietersen had become the 5th and 6th Englishmen (And the 27th and 28th full) to build four century and a halfs in away Tests, since the first since underappreciated 1970s stalwart Dennis Amiss.

cit 4: furthermore, Sir/madam (Delete as you consider applicable), Just days down the track, Hashim Amla and AB de Villiers took over as 29th and 30th names on the world list.

announc 5: hey there, You look like the species of girl/guy/person/crone (Delete as advised by buddys) Who has a hankering for some more stats on England's perfect union, The Cook Pietersen left hand right hand accumulato aggro utilitarianioflamboyant pairing. Their match marmelising stand of 206 in the second Test was just the fifth double century venture by English batsmen in Tests in India.

specifi 6: Of the 84 pairs of batsmen who have batted together in 20 or more close ties for England, Cook and Pietersen have the third highest average alliance, 65.9 in 52 is used (In half of which they have added at least 50 (That's different person), underneath Barrington and Dexter (66.6 here in 36) but Hobbs plus Sutcliffe (87.8 within 39).

cit 7: Let's pop another lump of sugar as frothy stattuccino. Of the 49 pairs from any nation who've batted 50 times in conjunction in Tests, Cook ukraine marriage and Pietersen have the the second best average stand, only just behind Hayden and Ponting, which one averaged 67.1 in 76 close ties.

stat 8: But enough about he uk. Did that you've allocated India's mistimed souffl of a second innings in Mumbai was only the fourth time that ten Indian batsmen have failed to pass 11 runs in a Test innings.

announc 9: Let's take a magic bus to will show you irrelevant suburbs of Statsville. It was also only the third time in all Tests that ten players in a team have all failed to reach 12 without any of them bagging a duck.

announc 10: We'll take a quick break following this one. Those ten Indians between them scored 68 runs the most by ten batsmen who have all failed to reach 12 in an innings. so that, In the little discussed realm of teams who failed dismally to guide a lone player by all not scoring more than 11, India actually batted optimally.

but. drop of vino? red or white?

point 2: The intrigue You have grabbed the undivided attention of your impending paramour. The heart gates are open it is time to fill them with facts. The imminent light of your life will likely have watched the Australia v South Africa series with considerable interest. Let him/her see how you are about more than merely India v England you are a person with a global perspective, And a deep seated admiration of Hashim Amla.

Place one hand on the rotator cuff of your interlocutor, as, more boldly but with a hint of sweetness, actually tell them:

South Africa's backs to the wall then foot to the throat series win ukrainian date around australia featured some spectacular scoring rate extremes. regarding Adelaide, Faf du Plessis and AB de Villiers' partnership of 89 off 408 balls was the slowest recorded partnership of more than 250 balls in Test history, Considerably slower than the prior record, Herschelle Gibbs' and even Neil McKenzie's 1.46 per over drudge grind entirely against West Indies in 2001.

De Villiers has also tried the slowest recorded opening partnership of more than 20 overs (When he and Graeme Smith added 46 in 35 overs in another South African turgeathon just to save a Test in Guyana in 2005)

along with the second and third fastest recorded partnerships of 200 or more in Test history, The faster of which was also the fastest ever first wicket partnership in excess of 150, Albeit only against a used up Zimbabwe.

you wish more on de Villiers? certainly you do. He literally second slowest recorded innings of 30 or more in Adelaide, and then the second fastest 150 plus score by a South African in Tests in Perth. he's got gears as a batsman, And he's not afraid for their services. even if the clutch sometimes jams, Leaving him either in simple or in overdrive.

which experts claim innings, understand that you can't were about to ask, have also been the second 150 plus score by a South African wicketkeeper, observing Denis Lindsay's 182 v Australia in 1966 67.

Are you an economics graduate student? theory so/not (Delete as topical). exactly what economy we saw in Adelaide, Where Nathan Lyon's 3 49 off 50 overs was the first time a bowler has bowled more than 40 overs for less than one run per over since Chris Old took 4 for 41 off 41.4 trying to fight Pakistan at Headingley in 1978.

Lyon, however, Was the first foreign to do so since Ken "Slasher" Mackay, to fight Pakistan in Dhaka, in the 1959 60.

He also was the eighth bowler in Test history to bowl 50 overs regarding one per over, along with also the first since New Zealand's Bryan Yuile against Pakistan in 1964 65.

Lyon sent down 31 maidens the particular most in a Test innings since Dilip Doshi joined the dots 31 times against England in Chennai in 1981 82.

still, plus its a big "however, in second innings of his next Test in Perth, Lyon was clonked for 128 off 22 overs that's the third most valuable analysis of 20 overs or more ever by an Australian, After Mitchell Johnson's and Xavier Doherty's new Ashes debacles at Lord's and Adelaide respectively

And high-priced second innings analysis of 15 overs or more ever in the baggy green.

Can you please quit to dial for help on your mobile, I am on the phone to you. Imran Tahir not a chance, I don't have the heart not only recorded the more costly 20 over plus analysis in the more than 2000 match history of Tests, but then

His supplement in the next Test, robin the boy wonder Peterson, Snuck specifically in behind him into third place on that list, after a little tail end tonk left him with figures of 3 for 127 off 20 in the second innings in Perth.
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Russion womans

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//1 Jan 07, 2020 06:31 AM | posted by: Williampreag
Is Transnistria another Crimea

Transnistria is along the western border of Ukraine and is a portion of the eastern the main Republic of Moldova. previously it is governed as the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic (PMR). It has other names as well plus Transdniestria. The Republic declared its independence in 1990 and after a war with Moldova in 1992 there was a moldova brides ceasefire with an international agreement with a Joint Control Commission that has been in place ever since: inside of 1998, The commission was enlarged by digging in 10 Ukrainian military observers. in addition, the corporation for Security and Co operation in Europe also has a Transnistria based observation mission and participates in all JCC meetings. The current peacekeeping mechanism is a multi state mission equipped with a global mandate, Which began implementation on 29 July 1992.]

Of the three original sides putting troops, Russia has typically provided the most, With Moldova second and the actual contingent provided by Transnistriaimportant]. by 2006, in contrast, Each of Moldova and the PMR participate with slightly more soldiers than Russia: Moldova actually supplies 403 men to the force, The PMR 411 men and Russia up to 385 men.] As part of the agreement Russia has the authority to keep 2,400 troopers in Transnistria.

Yet US Air Force General Philip Breedlove NATO's Supreme Allied Commander in Europe warns through what he terms a large build up of Russian forces on the eastern borders of Ukraine. Breedlove told a think tank in denmark: "There is completely sufficient force postured on the eastern border of Ukraine to run to Trans Dniester if the decision was made to do that. That is very a concern,

Perhaps Breedlove does not know that there can be up to 2,400 Russian troops in Transnistria or PMR or that the company has been independent for over two decades, standing out from the Crimea. It has its own flag with the Hammer and Sickle, Its own currency and its own police force even its own passports. It is hardly like the Crimea which until recently was the main Ukraine but with some autonomy. we are seeing an international joint commission in Transnistria since 2002. The OSCE monitors have been there for a specified duration to retire unlike Crimea where they never got in.

There is no need for a referendum in Transnistria. It had a referendum in 2006 with 97 per cent voting to join Russia. Yet Russia does not previously recognize Transnistria. very easy seem much of a priority. At the most it might annex Transnistria which would be a greater portion of a boon for Transnistria than Russia and it might moldova dating be difficult to annex while the Joint control commission is there. Why trouble? If Russia wants to annoy the west it could just recognize Transnistria as persistent country. Then Transnistrians could use their sexual. As a modest idea, I would suggest that if the Russians are going to go from start to finish the Ukraine to free Transnistria they might as well occupy the Ukraine while they are at it.

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