Monday, 21 Mar, 2011 Environment

World's Biggest Tidal Turbine to Be Built in Scotland


The pretentious plan to build a huge tidal turbine has been approved by the Scottish government.

The 40-million GBP project was initiated by the ScottishPower Renewables and it has been reported that the 10MW tidal turbine will be able to produce enough electricity to power over 5,000 homes.

Till now companies in the field did not makes use of tidal energy to its full potential. The new project, however, is a great step forward.

The Scottish government is convinced of the fact that the project will make Scotland one of the leading regions in the field of marine power.

Even the government is convinced that this fastidious proposal would mark Scotland’s ascension as one of the leaders in the field of marine energy, reports Telegraph.

According to Cabinet Secretary for Finance and Sustainable Growth, John Swinney, Scotland represents one of the world's most attractive markets for investment in marine renewables. He explained that this is mainly due to high support levels in the United Kingdom for tidal energy and low carbon investment projects.

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