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World Wildlife Fund Puts Up New Self-Sufficient Headquarters


Shortly after its foundation, the World Wildlife Fund has had a great influence on the environmental movement and now its takes things to a new level by setting up new stunning headquarters. It had chosen the design of its new building among many candidates with the winner being RAU Architecture, which proposed an organically shaped design for the WWF Netherlands headquarters.

WWF selected the design because RAU offered using an already existing building as the core of the organization's headquarters. The building was finished in 2006 and its outstanding sustainable innovations allowed the structure to be completely self-sufficient and carbon neutral.

The design proposed by RAU saves the biggest part of the existing building, enriching it with a striking three-story vascular shaped structure. Its outer walls are coated in tiles made from the clay of a local river, while the building's interior connects the construction's east and west. Its lower levels include space for exhibition, reception and call center and a place where employees can gather.

In the middle of the building there's a mud ceiling connected to a system of tubes that carry water, which is used to control heating and cooling.

The design studio decided to add a variety of sustainable features, including triple glazed windows with wooden louvers that make it possible to regulate lighting; felt - for acoustical isolation; photovoltaic panels - mounted on the roof; and nests for birds and bats.

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