Friday, 11 Sep, 2009 Environment

World's Biggest Solar Plant to Be Built in China


A company with headquarters in Arizona recently announced about its plans to build the largest solar plant on the planet. The 2,000 megawatt plant is expected to be constructed in Ordos, China in 2019. According to engineers the plant will generate electricity enough to power 3 million homes.

It is worth mentioning that thanks to this project, China, which is currently the second biggest energy-consuming country, could become one of the most important nations in terms of solar energy production. The plant represents a multi-billion dollar investment and will occupy an area of 25 square miles. You can find more information of green technologies here at - please check the links at the bottom of the story.

The first phase of the construction is expected to begin in 2010. If everything goes well, the world's biggest polluter could grow to become the biggest green energy consumer on the planet. More information about the project is available here.

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