Thursday, 11 Jun, 2009 Environment

World's First Building to Convert Air into Clean Water


This project is entitled the Water Building Resort and is expected to be world's first building to convert air into water using solar power. The construction has a symbolic shape of a drop of water, but besides being architecturally inspiring the building represents an ingenious combination of nature and high-tech.

Here's how the technology of the building will work: the facade, facing south, features photovoltaic glass that will harness the energy from the sun, allowing the sunlight to pass through. The facade that faces north has a latticed design developed for ventilation. It also includes unique Teex Micron equipment, which is the one to convert humid air along with condensation into clean drinking water.

The Water Building Resort was designed to be built in warm and humid areas. It will also feature a water treatment facility that will be located on the bottom floor and used to filter salty sea and rain water. In order to monitor and certify water quality, the building will include a special center of technological analysis.

The upper floors of the structure will include several restaurants, gyms, conference rooms, spa services, as well as exhibition halls. All spaces will be based on theme of water, environment and renewable energy. The final touch is the wonderful underwater aquarium of the building.

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